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It was the darkest period of modern history, particularly if you were Jewish in Europe. That is where Garmaine Pitchon was when Hitler ascended to power and unleashed a diabolical scheme to annihilate the Jewish race. Follow along as Eli Gonzalez tells Garmaine',s story in a vibrant, chilling, and compelling narrative. Always a rambunctious and curious girl, Garmaine found a way to not wear the yellow Star of David and got to experience more than most before she experienced loss at an epic proportion. Her entire family was murdered, beginning with her mother that was killed in her own grocery store by a Nazi officer who forced her to make him a sandwich as she walked over her beloved grandmother',s pool of blood as it was flowing from her still warm body. Experience the horror of the 9-day train ride to Auschwitz and become a first hand witness to when it was only Nazi',s and Jews and the veil was pulled off and absolute evil abounded. Yet, there is something about Garmaine',s story, something divine that happened. What was meant to destroy her strengthened her. What was meant to stop her lineage became a force to help desperate mothers years after.  ,_,

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"A sus 41 años, David, director de un conocido hotel ovetense, soltero, con un físico y un aspecto muy cuidado, trabajador incansable y juerguista a partes iguales, acumula...

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Excerpt from Chemisches Central-Blatt, 1872, Vol. 3

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Mateu. Tapa blanda. Cubierta deslucida. 17 cm

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